Time2Do - Help to manage your days!

Are you looking for a best organizer for your task (and events)? Would you like to manage tasks with progress? Or would you like to manage tasks along with checklist for each of them?
Time2Do is a right tool for you. With the purpose quick add as well as quick edit and friendly UI, it is an indispensable tool for organizing your day!

*****Main features *****
- Quick add Task: you can add task anywhere from month view, list view or day view
- Support check list for each task: a task may have a checklist to track your progress. You also can use check list as notes.
- Support lunar date. You can see lunar date in month view or day view.
- Support full types of recurring task.
- Arrange tasks with due by date, task without due will be arranged today.
- Export completed data to a CSV and sent via mail as attachment.
- Moving task up/down to change their priority.
- Multi calendar supported.
- Communicate to iPhone contacts.
- Call from app.
- Email from app.
- Map from app.
- SMS from app.
- Undo a completed task.
- Backup and restore your data via mail.

- Double tab on month view to zoom in/zoom out the month.
- Single tab on month view to zoom in the cell content in month.
- Tap and hold on a cell in month view to quick add task.
- Easy switch between view.
- Curl up/curl down to navigate between months or days.
- Support two modes for drawing shape color for task: use calendar color or default color.
- Support two modes for drawing task: small size with less information and full with more information includes task's progress.

- Support events and sync events to google calendar.
- Support sync to iCalendar on iPhone (OS 4.0)
- More skins option for UI.

- Tap the month title on the top bar to pop-up the bar for jumping to any month.
- Quick add task: tap and hold a cell, the key board will appears for quick add.
Notes: You can add many tasks with 'Save & Add' until you tap 'Done' on the key board.
- Single tap on any cell to show its content in Day view.
- Double tap on any cell to zoom in/zoom out the month view. In the zoom in, you can scroll the content of a cell by tap the icon on the bottom right to lock the scrolling of the month view(to unlock, tap it again). After that, you can scroll in any cell content.
- Lunar date: is on bottom left of each cell with brown color.
- Badges: show number of tasks due in that day: red color is overdue tasks.
- Search tasks: Time2Do supports search by task name. Tap the search icon on the top bar, search bar will appears. The result will shows on the month view in both zoom in/zoom out mode.To exit searching, just tap the search icon on the top bar again.
- Add new task with detail, tap '+' on the right side of the top bar.
- Curl up the month view in zoom out mode to navigate to next month.
- Curl down the month view in zoom out mode to navigate to previous month.
Notes that you can not curl up/down to navigate month view if the view is zooming in.
- Tap the current time on the top bar to go back to current month.
***New in v2.0:
- Week of year on the first column of the month view.
- Tap the chevron button on the bottom left to show/hide the view where tasks are grouped by calendars.

List/Day view:

- When the second icon on the top bar(count from left) is list style, you are in Day view. If it is book style, you are in List view.
- List view: show whole tasks you have, includes overdue tasks.
- Day view: show tasks that are due on each day. If tasks without due, they will be showed TODAY!
- Tap the date title on the top bar to pop-up the bar for jumping to any day.
- Left window contains list of tasks with the order:
++ If tasks are showed as full (large task shape) you can adjust the slider to adjust the progress of task.
++ Overdue tasks will have '!' signal with red color.
++ Recurring tasks will have recurring icon on the left of task.
++ Due date (if any) will shows on the bottom right of the task shape.
++ Important task will have a flag on the left top of the task shape.
++ Tap the chevron button to edit the task in detail view.
++ If you show task with colors, the color indicates which calendar tasks belong to.
This progress bar is also automatically adjust when you check on the checklist or you mark task as completed.
- Right window shows statistic of total due task, total overdue, due today,
completed today, important tasks today and due tomorrow:
++ Tap 'Quick add', the key board will appears for quick add.
Notes: You can add many tasks by 'Save & Add' until you tap 'Done' on the key board.
++ Tap 'History' button to see all completed tasks.
- Tap to select a task, task will be highlight with yellow border. The check list and some action buttons will shows on the right window. You can:
++ Move up/down to re-order for it.
++ Tap the 'Add Check List' to quick add check list for the task.
++ Tap the sort button to re-order the checks.
++ Mark a check as completed: tap on the check. Notes that if you tap on a check second time, it will toggle to be uncompleted check.
++ Delete a check: swipe right/left on the check to enable the Delete button, and you can delete it.
++ Mark task as completed: have some ways to do this:
++++ Tap the 'Complete' to complete the task.
++++ Check all checks in checklist.
++++ Slide the status progress to be 100% if you show tasks as large shape.
+ Replicate the task.
+ Delete selecting task.
+ If the task is defined with Call category, you can call from here by tap Phone button.
+ If the task is defined with SMS category, you can SMS from here by tap SMS button.
+ If the task is defined with Email category, you can email from here by tap Email button.
+ If the task is defined with Goto category, you can launch map from here by tap Map button.
+ If the task is defined with Other category, you can email or launch map from here by tap More button.
- Curl up/down in day view to navigate to next/previous day.
Notes that you can only curl up/down in day view only. When you switch to List view,
you will see a lock icon on the top bar. It says that you are in list view and can not navigate by curl up/down.

***New in v2.0:

- Double tap on the task shape to show the detail history for each task.
- Can start/stop time recorder to record your expending time for the tasks.
- Can reset a task to be its original.

Detail view:

- Tap to choose the category at What, you will able to add the corresponding subject for the action such Recipients, location,...
- Add due: tap Due button, the button will be highlight now, the date picker will pop-up,
you can pick a date and tap the Due button again to hide the picker.
- If your task is important, make the important check box as checked.
- Set Calendar for task: tap the Calendar button, it will be highlight now, the piker will pop-up, you pick a calendar and tap the Calendar button again to hide the picker.
- Tap the 'Add Check List' to add checks for the task. You can add many checks with 'Save & Add' until you tap 'Done'.You can also sort the order of the check.
- Tap the Recurring button if you want to set recurring for the task. Time2Do support all kinds of recurring.
- Tap '+' button to set the recipient for Phone, SMS, Email or Location for Map from iPhone Contacts.

***New in v2.0:

- Now support tasks with duration.

- 'Lunar date': ON to show lunar date on month view and title. OFF: hide lunar date
- 'Brief task': ON to show task in small shape, OFF to show task in large shape.
- 'Color task': ON to draw shape of task with its calendar color, OFF to get default color.
- 'Default': select the view for starting up the app.
- 'Backup': store your database into mail and you can restore from there to full version.
- 'Clear all' will clear all tasks in your app.

- Show all completed tasks grouped by date.
- Tap the tail of cell to show/hide the Undo/Detail button for each task. You can 'UnDo' a completed task by tap on it, the UnDo button will appears, tap the UnDo button,
the task will be converted to be uncompleted.
- Swipe left/right to enable the Delete button so that you can delete a completed task.
***New in v2.0:
- Tap the pin button on the left cell to select/unselect the task for exporting
- Support two kinds of exporting to CSV: full and brief information. Full to show all trackings recorded from time recorder to report.